K Petro company
K-Petro Standard activity

K-Petro Standard activity

History related to standardization
  • ‘83. 11. KPQI Establishment
  • ‘94. 11. Acquired Australian National Testing and Accreditation Association (NATA) laboratory accreditation
  • ‘95. 06. Acquired KOLAS international accredited testing institution certification (KT14) * 175 items in chemical testing
  • ‘02. 05. KOLAS international accredited testing laboratory accreditation field * Chemical test field LPG 7 items
  • ‘03. 10. Awarded Presidential Commendation for Standardization (Internal Standardization Division)
  • ‘05. 05. Acquired KOLAS international accredited testing institution certification (KT78)
  • ‘05. 08. Change to KIPEQ
  • ‘05. 10. Standardization Grand Prize (Conformity assessment section)
  • ‘06. 09. Establishment of research center
  • ‘09. 05. Launch of the K-Petro
Role performance of International Agency for the Advancement of Foreign Affairs
  1. Since August 1994, it has been designated as a secretariat organization in accordance with ISO / IEC domestic secretariat operation regulations.
  2. November 1999 Reassigned to ISO / TC28 sector technical committee secretariat
  3. * Participate in petroleum products technical committee and expert committee ex officio to examine technical matters and suitability for domestic application
    * Investigation and examination of various standards to be handled by ISO headquarters to member countries in accordance with the ISO standard revision procedure

Domestic standardization activities
  1. Conducted ISO international standard harmonization project
    • Since 2000, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has participated in the ISO standardization project (total of 190 varieties)
  2. KS enactment, revision proposal
    • KS M ISO 8217 (Standard of Substantialization) About 20 Standards and revised proposals
  3. Professional Engineer Oil and Lubrication
    • Cutting oil standard technology research society
    • DME standard technology research meeting
    • Biodiesel standard technology research society etc.
  4. Performing a standardized research service project
    • Establishment of standardization roadmap for oil and lubricants
    • Development of test analysis method standard for biodiesel and DME fuel
    • Compliance with international standards for oil and lubricants
International standardization activities
  1. Review and deliberation of ISO TC28 standard
    • ISO TC 28 domestic secretaries and supports standard review and technical matters served by ISO
  2. Attending and responding to international standardization meetings
    • Participation in various international standardization meetings including ISO TC 28 General Meeting and International Standards for standardization activities and standardization activities