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ISO Other standard reference materials

ISO Other standard reference materials

In addition to the usual international specifications, the ISO publishes validation PAS (Publically Available Specification), Technical Specification, Technical Report, International Workshop Agreement(IWA), and Guide.

PAS(Publically Available Specification)
  • PAS is a normative document that reflects the WG dimension of consensus. At the time of the registration of the NWIP, he/she will decide whether to establish an international standard or establish an international standard as an international standard. Final release will be determined by the majority of the TC TC P / TC P. PAS is safe to use only one language and requires a review every three years. It shall be decided whether to order or abolish the international standardization within six years of its publication.
TS(Technical Specification)
  • The TS is a normative document reflecting an agreement at TC/SC level. When registering on NWIP, it is discussed at TCSC level and decided whether to make it an international standard or a TS. Where the TS is published, it is often proposed that the work force was proposed by the International Classification of Standards and Conditions, or if the existing specifications were rejected by the P member, or an affiliated agency or D linked institution. Final release of the TS is determined by approval of the TC / TC P / TC 2/3. The TS is a type of document that replaces the past type 1 and 2 technical reports. The TS shall be reviewed every three years after its publication and shall determine whether it has been established or repealed to an international standard within six years.
TR(Technical Report)
  • TR is a referential document that contains different types of information than normative documents. It is not suitable for publication in the approved data collection process, but it is decided to publish the TR when it finds documentation that needs to be published in the form of documents. To make the final release of the TR, a majority of the TCC / TC P member votes will be required. TR belongs to type 3 of the existing type 1, 2, and 3 technical reports.
IWA(International Workshop Agreement)
  • The IWA is a normative form of legislation that differs entirely from conventional TC / SC review methods. The IWA is a document published in the form of a published version of the Workshop, which was published in a public sphere, under the administrative support of a particular member of the organization. Therefore, no voting is carried out on the member states. There is an IWA on the application of ISO 9001 to the improvement of health service institutions in 2001 and the application of the 2004 education sector.
  • Guides are guidelines on issues related to international standardization. Agencies that can draw up the Guide are the members of the ISO Conference Board, IEC Advisory Council, ISO Technical Advisory Group, ISOTC Technical Advisory Group, etc. The publishing process will approve the project at the proposal stage, and review committee internal comments within the three months of the committee's steps.
  • The question of question is given to all members of the ISO within a period of four months, and if the total number of votes of the total number of votes is less than or equal to that of the total number of votes, approval is granted. The final guide is published in the central office.