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Purpose of establishment

ISO Purpose of establishment

Purpose of establishment
  • The purpose of ISO's establishment is to promote international exchanges of goods and services as described in Article 2 of ISO articles, and promote the advancement of the world's standardization and related activities in order to promote cooperation in intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activities.
Role of ISO
  • Development of standards and adoption and use of standards to increase efficiency of industry and commerce
  • Expanding the use of international standards for harmonization of technical relationships and mitigation of technical barriers
  • A democratic process based on representative and consensus and a decision making based on the intent of the Member States
  • An active effort to reduce inequalities between developed and developing countries.
  • An Analysis of ISO standard for international trade promotion
  • Work with ISO, IEC, and ITU to become key institutions for standards development and conformity assessment
  • Maintaining a framework to instantly respond to changes and needs in the world
  • Extend cooperation and support with regional centers around the world in standardization activities
  • International Standard for International Standards for Internationally Stepped Data
  • Response to special demands of multinational enterprises as well as existing stakeholders