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LPG Item/Law, Safety management and business act for liquid petroleum gas, Clean Air Conservation Act
Item/Law Safety management and business act for liquid petroleum gas Clean Air Conservation Act
Summer Winter Summer Winter
Composition(mol%) C₃hydrocarbon Below 10 15 ~ 35 Below 15 15 ~ 40
C₄hydrocarbon Over 85 Over 60 15 ~ 40
Butadiene Below 0.5 -
Sulfur(wt ppm) Below 100 Below 40
Vapor pressure(40℃, ㎫) Below 1.27 Below 1.27
Density (15℃, ㎏/㎥) 500~620 500~620
Residue (㎖) Below 0.05 Below 0.05
Copper Strip Corrosion (40℃, 1h) Below 1 Below 1
Moisture - -
Safety management and business act for liquid petroleum gas
  • C₃ hydrocarbon: Total content of ingredients with three carbonate numbers
  • C₄ hydrocarbon: Total content of ingredients with four carbonate numbers
  • As for sulfur, make sure to add the odorizer before applying.
  • The ones for winter are applied from November to March of the following year, and the ones for summer are applied from April to October. However, the criteria for summer or winter on November or April are applied in consideration of the period for replacement of products for distribution stage. The constitution ratio of C3 hydrocarbon between 10mol% and 15mol% occurring due to the replacement for ones in summer and winter is regarded to fulfill quality criteria.
  • As for isobutane of 30mol% or above for type 2 (for vehicle or cabinet heater), the lower limit of mixing rate of C3 hydrocarbon shall be 5mol%.
  • For large vehicles, industrial purposes, or industrial materials, constitution of C3 and C4 hydrocarbon is not applied.
  • As for Jeju Island, criteria of type 2 or winter might not be applied. If it is difficult to apply aforementioned criteria due to special purposes, it is required to separately discuss and adjust with the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Energy.
Clean Air Conservation Act
  • Less than 15% a year is applied on the content of propane in Jeju Island.
  • In spite of aforementioned table, they shall be applied a month after implementing on the distribution facilities (general branches, gas stations, and general sellers).