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Diesel for vehicle

Diesel for vehicles

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Diesel for vehicles item/Law, Petroleum and Alternative Fuel Business Act, Clean Air Conservation Act
Item/Law Petroleum and Alternative Fuel Business Act Clean Air Conservation Act
Pour Point (℃) Below 0(Winter:Below -18) -
Flash point (℃) Over 40 -
Kinematic Viscosity (40℃, ㎟/s) 1.9 ~ 5.5 -
Distillation (90%, ℃) Below 360 -
Carbon Residue in 10% residual oil (Weight %) Below 0.15 Below 0.15
Water & Sediment (Volume %) Below 0.02 -
Sulfur Content(㎎/㎏) Below 10 Below 10
Ash (Weight %) Below 0.02 -
Cetane Number Over 52 Over 52
Copper Strip Corrosion(100℃, 3h) Below 1 -
CFPP (℃) Below -18 -
Lubricity @60℃(HFRR WSD, ㎛) Below 400 Below 400
Density @15℃(kg/㎥) 815 ~ 835 815 ~ 835
Polycyclic Aromatic Content(Weight %) Below 5 Below 5
Aromatic Compound Content (Weight %) Below 30 Below 30
Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Content (Volume %) 2 ~ 5 -
Petroleum and Alternative Fuel Business Act
  • Criteria for winter are applied from October 1st to March 31st of the following year for production and importation stage, and the ones for distribution stage are applied from November 1st to March 31st. However, as for vehicles, -13℃ shall be applied on production and importation stage and distribution stage from March 16th to March 31st.
  • CFPP is applied only on production and importation stage in cold winter (from November 15th to February 15th of the following year)
  • Lubricity and content of polycyclic aromatic and aromatic compound shall be applied only on production and importation stage.
Clean Air Conservation Act
  • In spite of aforementioned table, they are applied from February 1, 2009, on distribution facilities (general branches, gas station, and general sellers).
  • As for the accumulated oil from the government in Guri by Korea National Oil Corporation, criteria up to December 31, 2008, shall be applied in spite of aforementioned table. However, accumulated oil is for the case where emergency occurs or urgent matters occur. Therefore, they can be emitted only when they negotiate with the Minister of Environment.
  • In cold winter (November 15th to February 28th of the following year), cetane index (or cetane value) shall be applied to be higher than 48.