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Diesel is the fuel for diesel engine or the internal combustion engine that is similar with it and shall be appropriate for the following quality criteria.

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About Item/Classification, For automobile, For vessel
Item/Classification For automobile For vessel
Pour Point (℃) Below 0.0
(Winter: below -18)
Below 0.0
(Winter: below -13)
Flash point (℃) Over 40
Kinematic Viscosity (40℃, ㎟/s) 1. 9~5.5 1.5~6.0
Distillation (90%, ℃) Below 360 -
Carbon Residue in 10% residual oil (Weight %) Below 0.15 Below 0.20
Water & Sediment (Volume %) Below 0.02
Sulfur Content(㎎/㎏) Below 10 Below 0.05(Weight %)
Ash (Weight %) Below 0.02 Below 0.01
Cetane Number Over 52 Over 40
Copper Strip Corrosion(100℃, 3h) Below 1
CFPP (℃) Below -18 -
Lubricity @60℃(HFRR WSD, ㎛) Below 400 -
Density @15℃(kg/㎥) 815~835 -
Polycyclic Aromatic Content(Weight %) Below 5 -
Aromatic Compound Content (Weight %) Below 30
바이오디젤 함량 (Volume %%) 2 ~ 5 -
Color (Recognizable color) - Red

※ Notes of attention

  1. As for criteria of pour point in winter, production and importation inspection is from October 1st to March 31st of the following year, and distribution inspection is applied from November 1st to March 31st. However, as for vehicles, production and importation inspection and distribution inspection (Applied as of December 1st) in the cold winter (from November 15th to February 28th of the following year) shall be applied with -23℃ or lower, and -13℃ or lower shall be applied to all the production and importation and distribution inspection from March 16th to March 31st.
  2. Filter blocking point is applied only to production and importation inspection from November 15th to February 15th of the following year.
  3. Content of lubricant and polycyclic aromatic and aromatic compound shall be appiled only to the production and importation inspection.
  4. In the cold winter (from November 15th to February 28th of the following year) shall be applied with 48 or above for cetane value (or cetane index) in spite of the table above.
  5. Bio-diesel satisfies the appendix 2. bio-diesel quality criteria notified in regard of the quality criteria, inspection method, and inspection commission of the oil alternatives and, hence, indicates the fuel manufactured by using the plant and animal oil.
  6. Content of bio-diesel shall be applied to be less than 5% of volume in case of the followings.
    1. A. Accumulated oil for the policies
    2. B. Accumulated oil to be rent by oil refiners
    3. C. Products to be supplied, sold, delivered, or preserved by oil sellers
    4. D. Initial charging diesel of vehicles
    5. E. Diesel for the generator in emergency from nuclear power plant