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Vehicle gasoline

Vehicle gasoline

Gasoline for vehicles is the oil of vehicles or that is similar with internal combustible engine and shall be appropriate for the following quality criteria.

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About Item/Classification
Item/Classification No.1 (Regular) No.2 (Premium)
Research Octane Number 91~94 Over 94
Distillation(℃) 10 vol%, max. Below 70
50 vol%, max. Below 125
90 vol%, max. Below 170
End Point, max. Below 225
Residue, vol%, max Below 2.0
Water & Sediment, vol%, max. Below 0.01
Copper Strip Corrosion (50℃, 3h) Below 1
Vapor Pressure (37.8℃, kPa) 44~82 {Summer: 44~65 (44~60), Winter: 44~96}
Oxidation Stability (min) Over 480
Washed Existent Gum (㎎/100mL) Below 5
Sulfur Content (Mass ㎎/㎏) Below 10
Color (Recognizable Color) Yellow Green
Lead Content (g/L) Below 0.013
Phosphorus Content (g/L) Below 0.0013
Aromatics Content (Volume %) Below 22(19)
Benzene Content (Volume %) Below 0.7
Olefin Content (Volume %) Below 16(19)
Oxygen Content (Weight %) Below 2.3
Methanol Content (Weight %) Below 0.1
  • Criteria of production and importation stage for summer are applied from June 1st to August 31st. The one for winter is from October 1st to March 31st of the following year. Criteria of distribution stage inspection for summer are applied from July 1st to August 31st, and the one for winter is from October 1st to April 30th of the following year.
  • Criteria in ( ) can be applied for the quantity of olefin. In this case, aromatic compound content shall be applied in ( ).
  • Oxygen content indicates the one containing the MTBE, ETBE, and TAME (Tertiary Amyl Methyl Ester) as well as bio-ethanol.