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Liquefied petroleum gas

Liquefied petroleum gas

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Test items,Meaning of test items
Test items Meaning of test items
Composition (mol%) C3 hydrocarbon

Regulate the content of C3 and C4 hydrocarbon depending on the actions for preventing illegal mixture for the purpose from 1 to 3

Butadiene is in unstable structure and easily reacts with other substances that produce foreign substances. Therefore, test is conducted to protect combustion device and performance of engine

C4 hydrocarbon
Sulfur content (wt ppm)

Cause the corrosion and foul smell as well as air pollution due to the creation of SO2 in the combustion like the test for fuel

Steam pressure (40 ℃, kPa)

LPG is supplied with fuel due to the pressure itself. Therefore, it is related to the volatility needed for operating the engine and influences on the safety of transmission and preservation.

Backfire occurs in case of starting malfunction in winter causing the damage on durability of catalyst

Density (15 ℃, kg/㎥)

Density of oil product is used to measure the structure of hydrocarbon and also to calculate weight and content. It is also needed when deciding the LPG amount.

Remaining substances (mL)

If supplied to the combustion room, it causes unstable combustion, or it is accumulated on the tar on vehicle parts, LPG containers, and pressure adjustor that degenerates the oil supply

Corrosion on copper plate (40 ℃, 1 h)

Indirectly measure the sulfur content or oxidized substances as a cause of corrosion


Degrade the gas flow as it causes the ice formation in winter. If accumulated in the tank, it causes corrosion in metal texture.