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시험항목에 휘발유에 관한 Test items,Meaning of test items 정의
Test items Meaning of test items
Octane number (Research method RON)

Indicate the degree of suppression of knocking as an abnormal firing phenomena in the number

Measure based on the low temperature and low-speed driving

Distillation characteristics 10% spilled temperature (℃)

Confirm the boiling point of the ingredients and identify rough components as well as volatility of fuel

10% of the spilled temperature of the distillation characteristics indicates the degree of vapor lock due to the steam from the fuel duct and also the starting performance, and 50% of the spilled temperature indicates the output of the driving force and acceleration. 90% of the spilled temperature indicates the driving performance of the vehicle

50% of spilled temperature (℃)
90% of spilled temperature (℃)
end effect point (℃)
remaining amount (volume %)
Water and precipitate (volume %)

When it is frozen below the temperature of 0℃, fuel becomes oblique and frozen to block the filter while corroding the nozzle and fuel line. Deposit blocks the spraying device that causes problems on the vehicle

Corrosion of copperplate (50℃, 3h)

Indirectly measure sulfur content and oxidized substances as a cause of corrosion

Steam pressure (37.8℃, kPa)

Indicate volatility of fuel

Related to the vapor lock for not fully supplying the fuel due to the excessive steam in the fuel system and the starting performance of vehicle

Oxidized stability (minute)

Gasoline reacts with oxygen in the air when it is saved or used and deformed. Evaluate the degree of resistance against oxidization

Indicate the time consumed when the oxygen pressure of bomb with sample is lowered to certain level in minutes

Cleaning existing specimen (mg/100 mL)

Measure remaining substances left after the gasoline is evaporated in regulated conditions (existing specimen)

Remaining specimen causes lacquet due to the high heat and is deposited on the gasoline saving tank, evaporator nozzle, and inhaling valve to lower the fuel spraying efficacy

Sulfur content (mg/kg)

Cause the air pollution issue due to the SO2 occurring during the combustion, deposit in the organization, and also the corrosion in the combustion system

Lead content (g/L)

Lead is harmful in human body, and poisons three-way catalyst equipped for the improvement of exhausting gas in the vehicle. Therefore, catalyst function is lost

Phosphorous content (g/L)

Regulated as there is a possibility of containing the phosphorous on the additives for the improvement of functions even though phosphorous is not almost contained in the gasoline ingredients

Phosphorous loses function as the three-way catalyst is poisoned (exhausting gas purifying device) of vehicles just like the lead

Aromatic chemical content (volume %)

Substances including the benzene chain including benzene, toluene, and xylene

As it causes benzopyrene that is harmful on human body during the combustion, there is a global trend for reinforcing the regulations on the content

Benzene content (volume %)

Control for the amount of benzene in the gasoline is a direct method for limiting the volatility and emitted amount of the benzene among the exhausts of vehicles

A part of the benzene is not burnt but emitted according to the status of engine. Therefore, if the content of benzene increases, the amount of benzene among the exhaust increases as well

Olefin content (volume %)

Olefin is very unstable as it is unsaturated hydrocarbon with dual combination, and is well oxidized. Therefore, it promotes the polymerization and formation of specimen causing problems on vehicles

Oxygen content (weight %)

If combining the fuel containing the oxygen including MTBE on the gasoline, it increases octane value helping combustion of ingredients due to the oxygen contained in MTBE. Therefore, it reduces harmful substances including carbon monoxide and carbonated oxygen among exhaust of engine combustion

Methanol content (weight %)

Methanol ingredient in the gasoline causes corrosion of vehicle parts