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Clean Air Conservation Act

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Clean Air Conservation Act
Classification Article 74 (Inspection on vehicle fuel and additives)
- - Vehicle fuel inspection - Vehicle fuel inspection - Inspect additives
- - Pre-test - Environment quality management inspection
Inspecting agency - Fuel inspecting agency??(Designated by the Minister of Environment) - Collaboration of the environment office and fuel management agencies in each area (local areas) - K-Petro(National Institute of Environmental Research -> K-Petro) (requested)
Types of oils to test - Fuel for vehicle and diesel for vehicle, and LPG for cars
※ Frequent inspection excludes the LPG for vehicle
- Fuel for vehicle and LPG for cars - Additives for vehicles
Test purpose - Confirm whether it is appropriate for the vehicle fuel manufacturing criteria determined by the Minister of Environment - Check to see if fuel appropriate for the manufacturing criteria for vehicle fuel is distributed - Check to see if additives for vehicles are relevant to fake oil products on the law
Judgment of inspection results - Conforming to manufacturing criteria: Appropriate
Non-conforming to manufacturing criteria: Inappropriate
- Conforming to quality criteria: Appropriate
- Non-conforming to quality criteria: Inappropriate
- Fake oil product Not relevant: Normal
- Fake oil product Relevant: Inappropriate
Places to test - uel manufacturer ( Production factory and other saving facilities than the factory)
- Fuel importer (saving facilities)
- Production stage (saving facilities other than factory)
- Distribution stage (store and gas station)
- Additives manufactureer
- Additives importers
Test frequency - Fuel manufacturer: Once if the matters related to the proportion of products of additives and maximum addition on currently used fuel and fuel manufacturing process
- Fuel importer: Once when importing fuel
- Ministry of Environment decides the entire quanity to test
- Gas station: 1,740 cases /year
- Gas reservoir: More than once a year
- Once before selling or using
Notification of results - National Institute of Environment Research
- Inspection agency
- Environment office in each area (local areas) - Chairperson of National Institute of Environmental Research
Related notification Regulations about how to inspect additives or catalyst or vehicle fuels on the 2012-17 of notification from National Institute of Environmental Reserch