K Petro company
Ethical Management Announcement

We will obtain love and reliability from
citizens with ethical management.

K-Petro is the public organization that establishes the distribution order for oil and oil alternatives and performs works directly related to the lives of citizens with protection of consumers from fake oil or poor oil products.

In order to completely fulfill duties granted from the country, high level of sense of duty and ethical spirit is inevitable on all the employees. We also believe that 'transparent practice' is the right path to be trusted and loved by citizens.

K-Petro will keep the following promises.

  • First of all, we will completely remove inappropriate areas and factors by reviewing the policies of all the work process.
  • Secondly, we will create transparent organizational culture by establishing righteous value and attitude of employees through ethical education.
  • Third, we will serve citizens even closer by correcting wrong practice and appropriately performing them according to ethical criteria.

K-Petro announces that determination and new changes has begun.