K Petro company
Ethical charter

Ethical charter

K-Petro contributes to the transparent development of oil industry in Korea by efficiently performing overall management work for oil energy and pursue the oil and oil alternative organization to be trusted by citizens. Hereupon, we enact the ethical charter as criteria of proper behaviors and value judgment to be kept by all the employees from core values of friendliness, transparency, and reliability and promise to sincerely follow and practice them.

  • We take a leading role to create transparent and fair work environment without unfairness with transparent attitudes in lives from honesty.
  • We make an effort to keep the dignity for work and personal live in representation of K-Petro and develop ability as a person with knowledge to innovate our own duties with personality and creativity.
  • We actively participate in social contributing activities and local community development as a member of social community.
  • We make our best effort to be trusted from citizens by providing sincere service and respecting customers' opinion.