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Distribution Management

Information of distribution inspection system

Work including whether to follow the prohibition of behaviors from oil business holders, whether to deal with fake oil products, and confirmation of report for transactions and collection according to the Article 38 of Petroleum and Alternative Fuel Business Act for the distribution of oil management
* Oil distribution management: Confirm and investigate whether to violate the petroleum business act in the entire stages including production, supply, delivery, saving, and consumption of oil products and prevent the illegal distribution of petroleum

Target for distribution inspection
  • Oil refiners, oil importer/exporter, international oil traders, oil sellers, oil accumulation agent, oil alternative manufacturers, and major oil consumers, etc.
Procedures for distribution inspection
Procedures for distribution inspection / Visit the business area > Inspect documents/ledgers/facilities and collect samples> Confirm whether to violate laws> Notify results of distribution inspection (administration)> Administrative actions
Major distribution inspections
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Major distribution inspections, Target, Inspection contents
Target Inspection contents
Oil business holders Confirm whether to follow prohibition of behaviors Confirmation of behaviors for selling products in short
Confirmation of violation in the scope of sales and methods
Confirmation of preservation and supply instead of products they deal with
Confirmation of sales behaviors for changing the purpose including kerosene
Confirmation of theft of oil products
Confirmation of report for transactions and collection
Confirmation of whether to fulfill registration conditions
Non-oil business holders Inspect the manufacturing area and selling place for fake oil products
Inspect large place for using oils
Confirmation of status of consumption of oils among consumers
Related laws

Article 38, Article 29, and Article 43 of Petroleum and Alternative Fuel Business Act