K Petro company
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Major research assignments

Research purpose and background
Research purpose
  • Activate research for the oil and oil alternatives and support government policies
Research background
  • Prepare for the plans in managing the quality of oil and oil alternatives as a national energy source and perform the research for reinforcing the expertise and activating the research
  • Prepare for criteria of performance evaluation of oil products applied with the vehicle, fuel, and environment due to the regulations of CO2 as well as environment issues and also the technical support for the industries and the development joint research in related businesses
  • In need of the clarification of damage from fake oil, improvement of ability of judgment, and notification to the public
Major contents
  • Activate the research oil energy and reinforce capability

    • Research for preparing for plans in quality management of shooting fuel quality in Korea
    • Research the evaluation of oil products for the process in production with better quality
    • Support enactment and revision of related laws and notifications
  • Establish the stable foundation of supply for oil-alternatives

    • Proceed the quality stabilization and commercialization of bio-heavy oil for the generation
    • Establish the foundation for the supply of combined fuels with bio-alcohol
  • Prepare for the criteria of performance evaluation of oil and oil-alternatives

    • Research for the influence of changes in properties in oil products on the vehicle performance
    • Research for improvement of quality and prepare for the performance evaluation for new oil alternatives