K Petro company
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  • 2017

    01Selected as the first grade for corruption prevention plans in 2016
  • 2016

    08Designated as the authorization organization of vehicles from DMV in England
  • 2015

    07Designated as the management organization for RFS combined obligations
  • 2014

    01Newly established and relocated the building of capital area northern district department
  • 2013

    09Established ERP system
  • 2012

    04Established Seoul & Nothern Gyeonggi Branch and Chungbuk Branch
  • 2011

    01Established Jeju Branch
  • 2010

    10Designated as 'Soil pollution' Research Institute
    09Designated as institute for training and certification of tribology


  • 2009

    05Launched the Korea Petroleum Quality & Distribution Authority(organization designated by the law)
    01Completion of the low-temperature chambers for the performance evaluation at the research center
  • 2008

    11Designated as organuzation of the standards development coorperation organization
  • 2007

    10Designated as prganization of thr construction equipment gas emissions certification and testing
    07Designated as organization of the automotive energy efficiency test
    06Acquired the certification from KOLAS
    Designated as the certification organization for devices reducing gas emissions of transportation vehicles
  • 2006

    08New-built and moved to the Research Center(Chungbuk Ochang Science Complex)
    07Designated as the autimotive additives inspection office
    01Designated as organization of the alternative fuel performance evalution office
  • 2005

    08Renamed as Korea Institute of Petroleum Quality
    05Acquired the certification from KOLAS(Petroleum Products and LPG Category)
    04Acquired the approval for the use of ILAC-MRA from KOLAS
  • 2003

    11Awarded as organization of a distinguished international and inspection and test(Gold Prize)
  • 2002

    07Designated as organization of the LPG quality inspection(distribution stage)
    04Launched the LPG quality inspection(production and import stages)


  • 1995

    06Acquired the certification from Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme, KOLAS(Chemical Inspection Category, NO.14)
    11Designated as the Korean organization managing ISO/TC28
  • 1990

    04The head office moved to a new building located in Bundang0gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi Province


  • 1983

    11launched the quality inspection services for petroleum prodycts