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Thank you for visiting K-Petro homepage.

Since its establishment in 1983, the management team has been efficiently and systematically promoting the business that has been granted to the public, such as distribution and quality control, research and development, and testing of petroleum and alternative fuels such as LPG and lubricants.
And serves as a watchdog for the realization of the blessing and transparent oil energy market.

To this end, the petroleum products, which are closely related to the national economy, are distributed in a safe, high-quality, and quantitative product from the production stage to the consumption stage.
We are doing our best to provide a foundation for economic activities in the field.

In addition, demand for research and development, performance evaluation and commercialization, refund of petroleum import levy, survey of soil pollution, etc.
for the development of environmentally friendly fuel and petroleum alternative fuel technology in response to the national GHG reduction roadmap We are committed to providing the best service that we can provide.

In the future, management personnel should communicate with the public to open the right path of the oil energy market, collaborate with related organizations, and become public institutions trusted by the public through transparent and clean management.
I will concentrate all my efforts to be successful.

Finally, the manager promises that all employees will do their utmost to make the oil products safe for the public as the keepers of the future oil energy market.
I ask for your unchanging love and encouragement.

Thank you.

CEO of K-Petro